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    What is a Rabbinic Pastor?

    I am a spiritual companion to those who seek guidance. As the founder of Hassidism the Baal Shem Tov said we are emissaries of God. This means that I help observant, spiritual and secular people of all faiths. Many people are unaffiliated from synagogues either because they are not called to be in a synagogue community, they cannot afford dues or there is no community nearby. I am an alternative. I will help you connect to your faith without judgment.

    Rabbinic Pastor Chaya Lerner, LCSW

    Chaya Lerner received smicha from ALEPH Ordination Program in Jan 2021. She is the co-president of the Rabbinic Pastor Association. She has a License in Social Work. She has worked with Older adults particularly elderly Holocaust survivors.

    Reb Chaya works as a therapist with Jewish Community Services. She was on the response team with the Surfside Collapse and she’s a grief and trauma therapist in private practice.

    End of Life Coaching

    • Assistance in completing advance directives, durable healthcare power of attorneys, and ethical wills
    • Engaging in sacred conversations about end of life
    • Officiating at funerals [ in person and virtually]
    • Hosting online memorials
    • Grief counseling


    • Jewish History
    • Jewish belief and thought including text study
    • Interfaith dialogue/deep ecumenism
    • Workshops on bereavement
    • Holocaust Education

    Lifecycle Services- interfaith and LGBTQA

    • Weddings
    • Brit Milah/Brit Simcha
    • Bnei Mitzvah

    Pastoral counseling