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    What is a Rabbinic Pastor?

    I am a spiritual companion to those who seek guidance. As the founder of Hassidism the Baal Shem Tov said we are emissaries of God. This means that I help observant, spiritual and secular people of all faiths. Many people are unaffiliated from synagogues either because they are not called to be in a synagogue community, they cannot afford dues or there is no community nearby. I am an alternative. I will help you connect to your faith without judgment.

    Rabbinic Pastor Chaya Lerner, LCSW

    Reb Chaya was born and raised in New Orleans, She has been living in Miami for 34 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Louisiana State University and a master’s in clinical social work from Barry University. As a licensed social worker, she worked with HIV/AIDS patients during the AIDS crisis and with Holocaust survivors for Jewish Community Services, where she has been providing clinical services for over two decades. Chaya was ordained January 2021 by Aleph- Alliance for Jewish Renewal. She enjoys chaplaincy, teaching Torah study, and leading services. She is Co-President of the Rabbinic Pastors Association, an organization dedicated to Jewish Renewal Rabbinic Pastors, chaplains, and students. She lives with her beloved Nancy and their black lab Jake.

    I serve to help those who are coping with these unprecedented and challenging times. I have experience working with grief and loss.

    End of Life Coaching

    • Assistance in completing advance directives, durable healthcare power of attorneys, and ethical wills
    • Engaging in sacred conversations about end of life
    • Officiating at funerals [ in person and virtually]
    • Hosting online memorials
    • Grief counseling


    • Jewish History
    • Jewish belief and thought including text study
    • Interfaith dialogue/deep ecumenism
    • Workshops on bereavement
    • Holocaust Education

    Lifecycle Services- interfaith and LGBTQA

    • Weddings
    • Brit Milah/Brit Simcha
    • Bnei Mitzvah

    Pastoral counseling